Top 5 Best Hikes in Africa

Africatravelling Mount Kenya

While hiking isn't Africa's main attraction - it is still a notable way to view all of the beautiful landscapes, people, and animals on this remarkable continent. We are all aware of the noteworthy Mount Kilimanjaro for the famous Africa Treks but there are five other adventure junkie trails that are mind blowing when explored. Adventure Junkie invites you to get out and go on one more adventure.
1. The Mt Kenya Summit located in Kenya
Mt Kenya is the tallest mountain within Kenya. It is the second tallest within all of the African continent. In order to reach the summit their is technical climbing in a rock or depending on the season ice route involved. If this is too advanced for your typical hike then you are welcome to hike to the Point Lenana. Africatravelling The Blyde River Canyon Point Lenana is a side mountain peak on Mt Kenya. This Point will offer you just as much breath taking scenery of the rock towers of Nelion and Batian. Not to mention you will view the glacial lakes and gorgeous landscape of Mt Kenya National Park.
2. The Blyde River Canyon located in South Africa
This river canyon offers over a dozen hiking trails that will lead you along the river where you will be able to view the Blyde region. A favorable hike is the Leopard Trail which will lead you up to the Three Rondavels. The Rondavels are in incredibly large round rocks that are reminiscent of the indigenous people. They resemble the huts the people once lived out of.
3. The Danakil Depression located in Ethiopia
Africatravelling The Danakil Depression, Ethiopia This depression is one of the top inhospitable areas of the world. It is located in a vastly remote section of Ethiopia. In order to reach the Danakil Depression you will need a guide. The trip is taken mostly by 4x4 vehicle but there are a sections where once can get out and hike. For example, the walk to the Erta Ale Valcano. This volcano’s summit is known for its lava lakes that are still active. It is highly recommended to visit the volcano at night so you are able to see the glow of the lava.
4. The Fish River Canyon located in Namibia
This is a fifty two mile hike that will take four days. On this hike you will travel to the second largest canyon in the world. Fish River Canyon is known as one of Africa's most challenging hikes. Africatravelling The Fish River Canyon You will need to have strength and endurance. After you begin the hike there truly is no turning back. Remember you will have a chance of a lifetime traveling through five billion years of geo history.
5. The Mount Mulanje located in Malawi
This is a massive twist of granite that rises out of the ground from its plains. It is considered one of the most breathtaking and beautiful mountain regions within Africa. When hiking this range there is a system of eight huts with a network of trails that connect them together. On this hike you will view larger than life inselbergs and have a chance to experience some of the worlds best granite climbing. Africatravelling The Mount Mulanje