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Africatravelling African Airlines

Africa is a large continent where the lack of smooth roads makes travelling across the country rather difficult, especially if it's a rainfall season. African airlines offer you an alternative way to travel which will help you get from place to place as fast as possible.
Make sure you are aware of safety concerns connected with some African Airlines while you're arranging your trip to Africa. Month to month flight schedule of African Airlines may be changed. So you had better rely on the national African airlines that provide the adequate level of service, such as EgyptAir, one of the largest airlines of the continent and the national airline of Egypt. It provides customers with both domestic (Johannesburg, Nairobi and Addis Ababa) and international flights (the Middle East, Europe, Thailand, India).
Another national airline worth considering is Air Ivoire which offers flights within West Africa as well as flights to Paris and Marseilles.
The biggest airline network in Southern Africa is South African Airlines which flies to Europe, Asia, North America, South America and Australia. Within the continent the airline offers flights to Western, Eastern and Southern Africa.
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