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Located in the very heart of Sedona the Hilton Sedona Resort at Bell Rock is the only Golf Resort and Full Service Spa in the city, surrounded by spectacular landscape of Northern Arizona's Red Rock Country.
Sedona is a simply magical location and it is often called, "The Most Beautiful Place in America". Those who are looking for spiritual enlightenment from mother Earth consider Sedonato be one of the major power centers on the whole planet along with such world-known sights as the Egyptian Pyramids, Easter Island and Stonehenge.
Bell Rock, Boynton Canyon, Cathedral Rockand Secret Canyon are the most well-known places of interest in Sedona. It is believed that Bell Rock is a kind of a portal to other dimensions. What is more, paranormal phenomena have indeed been scientifically recorded there.
Historically, Sedona used to be a remote rural area, but thanks to the motion picture industry it has become world-known. Nowadays, it is visited by 4 million tourists from all over the world every year.
Sedona History:
First settlements in Sedona were founded more than 6,000 years ago. Sedona and its surrounding area were populated with Native Americans who lived in cave dwellings. Some of these buildings still exist today. What is remarkable, in spite of very little rainfall during the year, the Hopi Indians managed to grow corn, beans and squash.
Early life of the Sinagua, Anasazi and the Hohokam cultures is represented by 4 and 5 story dwellings such as ruins of Casa Grande and Montezuma's Castle. But the fact of mysterious disappearing of the last tribe 5 centuries ago hasn't been explained yet.
In 1870s the first Non-Aboriginal settlers arrived to the area of Verde Valley, and during the next decades their number was growing. Over time the need for a new postal station arose, and soon T.C. Schnebly named it after his wife, Sedona.
About 21,500 citizens live in Sedona today and thousands of tourists visit it annually. Probably the most significant man-made attraction in the city is a shopping center "Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village". In this centre visitors have an opportunity to attend 40 shops and choose from a variety of goods produced by local craftsmen. As well as the city, the shopping centre represents a mix of both the old and the new.
It is a blend of cultures, from stunning masterpieces created by Nature 350 million years ago and breathtaking rocky landscapes to impressive man-made cave dwellings and even modern artistic tributes such as "Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village", which makes Sedona so unique. Visiting Sedona will definitely become an unforgettable experience for everyone.
Sedona Geography:
City of Sedona is located between Coconino and Yavapai counties in northern Arizona. It covers the territory of 19 square miles and almost half of the territory belongs to the Coconino National Forest.
Sedona has a population of 10,000 with the average age of 50 years. Sedona's elevation is about 4,500 feet, though some of red rock formations are more than a mile high.
Sedona's airport is also situated quite high, on a 4,800 feet high mesa. With its location at the mouth of impressive Oak Creek Canyon, Sedona has gained popularity all over the world as a truly unique point of interest. Red Rock formations contrast with Oak Creek Canyon landscapes and make the area around Sedona one of the most glorious national parks in the U.S.
Sedona - The Land of Art:
Sedona is a powerful Art Community which has attracted artists working in all spheres and art movements - all trying to capture natural beauty of the area. This development of Sedona's culture and its enrichment throughout the years now allow it to rival Santa Fe and Scottsdale as a prominent artistic center.
There are more than 40 galleries in Sedona, most part of which is located in the "Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village".
Every first Friday of the month, most remarkable galleries of Sedona organize receptions, evening of openings and demonstrations. The Sedona Trolley makes a free transportation between participating Art Galleries.
In Sedona you have a chance to visit numerous events such as Sedona Arts Festival, Jazz on the Rocks, Chamber Music Sedona, Red Rock Fantasy, Fiesta del Tlaquepaque, Open Artist Studios and even world-class performances including the International Sedona Film Festival and a lot of others.
Africatravelling Bungalow Spiritual Sedona:
Being a spiritual Mecca for many intuitives, healers and artists from all over the world, Sedona is anexcellent choice for those who want to broaden their outlook and find spiritual enrichment of the soul and the body. Visit natural red-rock temples to experience their life-transforming and soul-nourishing power on your own.
Why is Sedona so Special?
A lot of people visit Sedona every year. Some people make a short trip and some even become residents of the city. So what makes Sedona so special? Harmonic blending of breathtaking view of gorgeous red rocks and evergreen vegetation are main reasons why Sedona has its unique inspirationaland regenerative energy. Moreover, bright orange and red colors of Sedona's scenery stimulate brain activity, contribute to creative thinking and help solve problems. Green flora all the year round imbues visitors with hope and sense of renewal.
Vortex Meditation sites of Sedona have gained international popularity and there's no doubt, they are one-of-a-kind. Firstly, on quite a smallgeographicalarea many different types of vortexes can be found: masculine (electric), feminine (magnetic), combination vortexes (electromagnetic), etc. Secondly, there's a strong connection between the Vortex Meditation sites and the real world of a developing city. Consequently, rather than trying to escape from civilization and find peace, visitors learn how to create and preserve an inner harmony which they can contribute in theirdaily lives.
The name, "Sedona":
After Theodore Carl Schnebly with his wife, Sedona, moved from Gorin, Missouri to Sedona, a small community of the city which consisted of several families proposed Schnebly to establish a post office in his home, which had already become the community's hotel by that time. It's said that he decided to name the post office Red Rock Crossingor Schnebly Station, but the names weren't appropriate because they were too long. All in all, Schnebly followed his brother's piece of advice and named it after his wife, Sedona.
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